MAGNIFF Body Wash Cacay

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Made from 100% pure liquid soap ingredients, no synthetic fragrances are used, and the scent uses 100% natural essential oils.

Normally, most liquid soaps are imported and processed from soap chips, but our products are made from vegetable oils, so the glycerin and many active ingredients originally contained in vegetable oils are lost. It is blended abundantly.

The soap component naturally loses its effectiveness as an activator and decomposes over time after washing. Therefore, you can leave your skin clean without leaving any unnecessary substances on your skin after washing.

We recommend using a foaming net or foaming towel.

・No synthetic coloring / No synthetic fragrance / No paraben / No phenoxyethanol / No silicone / No mineral oil / No UV absorber / No petroleum surfactant / No foaming agent use

* Please note that it may change color if exposed to sunlight for a long time.