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User Guide

◯ Please be sure to check before purchasing

    • The product images shown on the site are samples. Please note that the specifications and colors may differ slightly from the actual product.
    • Pre-order items and regular items cannot be shipped at the same time. Regular items will be shipped first, and reserved items will be shipped sequentially from the release date.
    • Due to production reasons, the shipping date for pre-ordered products may change.
    • Products are usually shipped with the shipping label attached directly to the outer box. If you are purchasing as a gift, or if you do not want to attach it directly, please write "For gift" in the remarks column of the cart. We will pack the outer box in shipping materials before sending it to you.
    • Please note that we do not currently offer gift wrapping.
    • We cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges due to customer's convenience after ordering. The same applies to orders to which campaigns, discounts, etc. have been applied.
    • MAGNIFF products use 100% naturally derived ingredients, so there may be slight differences in color and fragrance depending on the time of year when you place your order.
    • Even if the product is displayed in the cart, if it takes a long time to purchase from the cart, it may be out of stock as other customers purchase it. In addition, if an item has been added to the cart for a long time, the stock status and product price may differ at the time of ordering. Please be careful before purchasing.

    ◯ How to order

    1. Select the desired product and click "Add to Cart"
    2. If you want to continue to see other products, click the "x" on the upper right.
    3. After selecting the product, click "proceed to checkout"
    4. If you have a gift card or coupon code, click "Display Order Details/Enter Coupon" at the top of the screen and enter the code. If you do not have one, go to step 5.
    5. Enter the delivery address and customer information, and click "Proceed to selection of delivery method".
    6. If the delivery address is correct, click "Proceed to payment"
    7. Select a payment method and click "Pay Now" if the input is correct.
    8. Your order is now complete. An order completion email will be sent to the email address you entered. If you do not receive an order completion email after a while, please contact us using the inquiry form.
    9. When the product has been shipped, a shipping completion email will be sent. You can check the shipping status of your order from the URL at the bottom of the email.

    *Please be sure to check the product, quantity, shipping address, etc. so that there are no mistakes in the purchase details.

      ◯Payment method

      • For payment, you can use various credit cards, Paypal, Amazon pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Rakuten Pay, Paypay.
      • Bank transfer and cash on delivery cannot be used. note that.
      • When paying by credit card, payment will be charged to the credit card company when the product is ordered.
      • When paying by credit card, you can select and use the cards registered with Amazon pay or Rakuten pay.
      • Please see here for payment details.

      ◯Payment deadline

      • It depends on the closing date of your credit card and contract details. Please check with your card company.

      ◯ About invoices and receipts

      • At MAGNIFF, as an effort to reduce environmental impact, we do not include a delivery note with our products. If you need a delivery note/receipt, please access My Page from the URL provided in the shipping completion email and download it.

      ◯ About delivery
      • We will generally ship within 3-5 business days of your order. We appreciate your understanding and understanding that delays may occur depending on traffic conditions, weather, and delivery destination areas.
      • You can specify the date and time after 3 business days from the order date.
      • On Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and days when the warehouse is not in operation, the product will be shipped after the next working day.
      • Depending on the delivery area, we may not be able to meet your request even if you specify the date and time. Please note.
      • In the case of overseas shipping, we cannot accept the date and time designation.
      • Please see here for details on shipping.

      ◯ About returns and exchanges

      • We cannot accept returns or exchanges for any reason after the order has been placed. The same applies to orders to which campaigns, discounts, etc. have been applied.
      • Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to initial product defects or defects in the following cases.
        • Items for which 3 days or more have passed since the item arrived
        • Items that have been soiled or scratched by the customer
        • Products whose packaging (box) has been lost or damaged
      • If you find a defect after receiving the product, please contact us within 3 days from the inquiry form with your name and order number. Please note that we will not be able to respond after 3 days.
      • Each product is made from natural ingredients, and depending on the storage method, changes such as sedimentation may occur due to the nature of the product. There is no problem with the quality, so you can use it with confidence. Please refer to each product page for details.
      • Please refer to here for product details.

      ◯ About reservation sales

      • Payment will be made at the time of ordering.
      • Please note that the delivery time may change due to production reasons.