New item sale &
of advantageous Valentine campaign

February 7, 2023

Thank you for your continued patronage of MAGNIFF.

This time, MAGNIFF will add a new "soap bar (bar soap)" to the lineup.

Due to the cold process manufacturing method, the ingredients of living plant oils reach the skin as they are because they are aged and dried for a long time without applying heat during the manufacturing process. Gentle cleansing and can be used on face and body.

The uniquely designed string is for convenient and hygienic storage. Please use it by hanging it in the bathroom or washbasin with a hook or the like.

Also, for a limited time until February 14th, we will present this soap bar to those who purchase the facial care set.

* If you purchase "Facial Care Set Baobab", "Soap Bar Baobab" will be included, and if you purchase "Facial Care Set Kakai", one "Soap Bar Kakai" will be included.

Please take this opportunity to purchase a gift for your loved ones or yourself.